About G2G (Government to Government)

G2G a México-Holland public-private partnership for horticultural development

Besides the business-to-business activities, other activities will be launched in the course of the MexiCultura program on government-to-government level. The G2G program is a separate program but complementary and in service to MexiCultura. The purpose is the creation of 3 regional platforms, in which Mexican stakeholders, chaired by governmental representatives, develop a cohesive regional horticultural development vision, identifying opportunities for future cooperation between Mexican and Dutch expertise and companies.

Shared vision
A commonly shared vision is needed as well as a clear identification of issues to develop in a sustainable way. The role of government is to provide the policy framework, to trigger cooperation and to set spatial and organizational preconditions. In particular governmental involvement is needed to guide horticultural development towards increasing consumer requirements in the North-American market and to provide the pre-conditions for this.

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